Strange places that you should visit in the world

Most of the time, you are only reading about the unforgettable things that you can see in the world. The wonders of the world and the places that are beautiful and really giving you a relaxed holiday. However, there are also some strange places that you should consider visiting. Strange places and things that you will not ever see again. This can also give you the best experience and make sure that you have some photos that no one else will have. Here are some of the top strange places that you should visit when you are touring through the world:

Thor’s Well in Oregon, USA

Thor’s Well is a popular site in Oregon, but something that you will not see anywhere else in the world. This is in a specific area in the ocean where the water is rushing into a sinkhole. And, every now and then, the water is shooting upwards out of the hole again.

This is a sight to see, but, you need to be careful during high tide or when you are visiting the site during winter time. It can be dangerous if you are standing too close to the sinkhole. You can reach this area taking the Captain Cook Trail from the Cape Perpetua Scenic Area visitor center.

Lake Hillier in Western Australia

When you are traveling to Western Australia, then you should try to visit the Lake Hillier. This isn’t just an ordinary lake and it is a sight to see if you are looking for strange places to take great photos at.

Lake Hillier is a lake that is a deep pink color. It doesn’t matter what time of year you are visiting this lake, you will find it in this color. The lake was discovered in 1802 and can make some great photos.

Glass Beach in California, USA

Those that are going to California for a holiday, should make sure that they are visiting the Glass beach in California. This is a popular tourist attraction, but there are many people that don’t really know about this beach.

Many years ago, people have dumped garbage on the beach. It was stopped in the 1960’s and the garbage started to wash away. However, the glass that was left behind is formed in different shapes because of the waves that are washing over the glass. Giving it a stone like appearance. This is a colorful beach that is full of pebbles and glass pebbles.

You don’t just want to visit the great and highly popular places in the world. You want to make sure that you are also know about the strange and weird things in the world that you can see. The Glass beach, Lake Hillier and Thor’s Well are some of the strange places that you should remember and try to visit. You will not regret this experience, and you will have a great story to tell.