Canterbury: The Busy Market City Is There Waiting To Be Explored

If you have heard of the Archbishop of Canterbury, then this is the place which houses that and is famous for the same. At the same time, Canterbury is a town that is the hub for entertainment and culture in England. It is one of the greatest cities in Britain for heritage and what we heard was not wrong when we stepped into this city. The plain liveliness and the shopping options we were provided with, completely threw us into chaos. You can explore the wide variety of cafes, galleries, and specialty shops. Also, this place is known for having one of the most amazing and beautiful cricket playing grounds in the country.


  • The Canterbury Cathedral


This is a world heritage site of the UNESCO and it’s a must visit when you visit this place. You can catch the architectural styles of various eras and the story behind the cathedral is an interesting one. You can also try the Pilgrim’s way for which the cathedral is known for. This way goes from Winchester to Rochester.


  • The Old City


Just as the name suggests, we visited this place because we are history buffs and we wanted to catch the glimpse of the city of what it had to offer. You can see numerous houses lined up in a systematic manner with their distinct feature each representing some history in their style of building and interiors.

This is definitely a must visit on your tour to England. At the same time, it is recommended that you come here for at least four days so that you can explore it well. It is also suggested that just like us; either you explore the city on foot or rent a bicycle at max. It is fairly easy to reach to Canterbury from London.

Kingston- A Dynamic And Bubbly City On The Shores Of Lake Ontario

I am very happy to have taken a trip to the beautiful city of Kingston on the shores of Lake Ontario. This place has impressed me all ends up with its majestic landmarks, heritage buildings, downtown area, restaurant and pubs, and museums. The city is nicknamed as the Limestone City as its heritage buildings are made using limestone. The attractions in Kingston that impressed me are discussed below.

  • Kingston Waterfront

I will never forget the breathtaking view and the quality time that this place offered for me and my family. If you are looking for some fun, great family and leisure time, then visit the waterfront of Kingston. My children enjoyed every minute spent here. There are plenty of eateries here to titillate your taste buds. Some activities that I ventured into here are walking along the pathway and boating.

  • Bellevue House

This was the house of the first Prime Minister of Canada, Sir John Alexander Macdonald. It is one of Canada’s National Historic Site and has an Italian villa like architecture. There are guided tours of the house available during the weekends to get in-depth details about this house. The house really attracted me with its different roof gables and various-sized windows.

  • Penitentiary Museum

This was a former high-security prison that closed down in 2013. It was the house to many of the dangerous criminals of Canada. Now, it is open to the public and a trip inside this old prison allows you to get insights into the life behind the bars.

  • Thousand Islands

This is the attraction that made my visit to Kingston a worthwhile adventure. There are more than 1,800 islands located along the St. Lawrence River that is spread over 80 kilometers. I enjoyed my camping on these islands and they are accessible by boat. The flora and fauna and the magnificent nature really are a pleasing sight for all camping and walking trail lovers.

Kelowna – A Unique Urban And Rural Destination In Okanagan Valley, BC

If you are looking to head to a vacation spot for a great weekend that offers an urban and rural atmosphere with great nature and culture, then you should visit Kelowna. I had the wonderful experience of visiting this large city on the Okanagan Lake and to be honest, I have not visited such a beautiful and attractive tourist place in my life so far. The following are some of the attractions of Kelowna that blew me off my feet.

  • BC Orchard Industry Museum

I wanted to know more about the culture and to get insights about Kelowna and hence decided to take a trip to this museum. I am happy to have visited this museum as it gave me a clear picture of the great transformation that the Okanagan Valley has gone through from being a cattle range to turning into a valley for beautiful and attractive looked orchards. There are a lot of exhibits in this museum that include artifacts and the details on the fruit picking, home preservation, processing, and packaging. I am sure this museum will impress all the tourists like it took over me.

  • Okanagan Valley Wine Tasting Tour

I am a wine collector and there is no way I am going miss the chance to take a four-hour wine tasting trip through the Kelowna Lakeshore wine route. I read a lot about this route on the internet and after experiencing this, I suggest that all wine lovers should take this wine tasting tour. You will get to see a series of Okanagan Valley wineries and also get to taste the best wines at every pit stop.

  • Kelowna Downtown Marina

This is a must visit spot for everyone visiting Kelowna. It is the waterfront doorway to get access to the best restaurants and shops in Kelowna. You get boats for rentals and can explore the lake and its beauty to them. There are also seating areas along the public dock for people to enjoy the architecture and the scenery around.

Toronto is the Most Happening City In Canada

Popular for its colorful multicultural lifestyle, Toronto can be titled as a top tourist destination in Canada. The city is known for its luxurious urban life with extravagant shopping streets, popular theatres, beaches, and parks. Being the financial center of Canada the city is home to some of the best hotels and resorts in the world. My short trip to this dazzling city was quite eventful and here are the best places in my opinion:

  • CN Tower

Your trip to Ontario cannot be complete without visiting the tallest skyscraper in Canada. The sight from its observatory deck is incredibly beautiful. The views can keep you engrossed for hours as you can see the entire city from the spot.  Constructed in the year 1976, the tower has its observation deck at a height of 342 meters. 

  • Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

Located in downtown Toronto, Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada is one of the main tourist spots in the city. I had a great time with my family at this public aquarium that houses over 20,000 specimens classified into 450 species of exotic freshwater and sea creatures.  Here you can enjoy watching the sharks, flatfishes, and turtles at a close range. They also conduct a feeding show wherein divers enter the waters to feed the wild sea animals.

  • Royal Ontario Museum

Our visit to the Royal Ontario Museum, located on Bloor Street was the most interesting part of the tour. The historic museum was originally opened in the year 1914. Over the years, the place had been renovated several times. As of today, the museum exhibits over 6 million items. And, we went with friends of ours, Tommy & Sarah who run a great roofing business in Schenectady NY.  They have some great museums back home and really loved this one.  They are amazing people & we had a blast with them.  See their site here.  All totaled, it took us an entire day to tour its 40 galleries. It is an internationally acclaimed museum of natural history, world culture, and art. There is a special learning zone for kids, which is an interactive gallery called CIBC Discovery.

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