Berlin, Germany – Top 3 Things To See

If you come to Berlin you would be in the capital city of Germany, which will help you experience all that is unique about Germany, its history, traditions, culture and the other aspects of the country. Berlin is the largest city of the country as well with a population of about 3.7 million. Berlin is located on the banks of two rivers, Havel and Spree. There is a centralized region of the city called the Berlin Brandenburg Metropolitan Region.

The city experiences a temperate and seasonal climate and the natural landscape is rich with canals, lakes, rivers, gardens, parks and forests around it. Historically, two European trade routes ran through this region. Major historic influences were the German Empire that governed the country from 1871 to 1918 besides which the reigns of the Third Reich and the Weimar Republic are significant as well.

Today, modern Berlin is known to be a sort of science, media, politics and culture of the international world. With automotive, research facilities, IT, biotechnology, electronics and other creative industries having formed a base here, there is much work that goes on in the city in different spheres of development.

If you are here as a tourist you will want to visit places like Brandenburg Gate which stands as a symbol for the city’s division as well as unification; the Reichstag building located north of the Brandenburg Gate is another historic building that is a must see. The Berlin Wall Memorial is located in the middle of the city and is a historic site that many come to see with their own eyes.

Besides these three important landmarks, one will find several other landmark historic buildings here that are worth witnessing as well as parks, museums and cultural venues. Connectivity and tourist friendly facilities are numerous in this city.