3 Top Places to Visit in London, England

London is a city that needs no introduction. Being the capital city of England the main city of the United Kingdom, this city is located on either side of the river Thames. It has been a major city for two millennia by now. Founded first by the Romans, today the city has spread out to numerous suburban regions around the core area called the City of London. One would find the city to be made up of adjoining areas like Kent, Surrey, Essex, Middlesex, and Hertfordshire which form the Greater London besides the main city areas.

London is a global and historic city, it is a seat of commerce, finance, education, fashion, entertainment, research and development and diverse professional services. It is known to be the largest financial center of the world. With diverse communities and cultures of the region, the city has several suburbs that are colored by the different races and communities who have formed their home in this city.

If you wish to draw up a list of places to see in London, it would be a never ending one. To start off, one could include the historic buildings that are part of the list of World Heritage Sites. These include the Tower of London, Palace of Westminster, and Westminster Abbey to name a mere few.

If you are traveling here with your family, you would surely want to educate your children by visiting the British Museum, which has exhibits that span about two million years of the world’s history. The National Gallery has paintings showcased here, which span 13th to 19th centuries. The Tower of London is not only the most visible landmarks of the city, but also houses the Crown Jewels, the Royal Armories, Chapel of St John and the prison cell of Sir Walter Raleigh.